Buying Battery Pack?You need this Checklist

When you’re on the move, you require some extra power for your phone, camera, or laptop. This makes it almost mandatory for you to carry external batteries that can charge any of these devices when they’re plugged in. Battery packs refer to sets of identical batteries that are either arranges in a parallel, series or both to achieve the desired power density.

A battery pack has a temperature sensor that is used to detect the end of charging. It also features interconnects that conduct electricity between them. Sometimes, they contain battery regulators or battery balancers that are used to make sure that even the weaker batteries are fully charged so that the entire battery pack attains a balance.

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Battery Pack?

The Advantages

  1. A battery pack can easily be swapped allowing extended runtime for the device. Multiple battery packs can be interchanged at intervals to deliver power to the devices.
  2. They are designed with so much flexibility making them useful for nearly any application.
  3. The batteries are reusable. This reduces the total volume of hazardous waste

The Disadvantages

  1. These packs pose a potential risk of fire when they explode
  2. They are very easily tampered with as compared to built-in batteries

How do I get the right battery pack for my gadgets?

To makes sure that you don’t end up with the wrong battery pack that does not satisfy your power requirements, you need to come up with a checklist that will prevent you from forgetting the most important feature you need in your pack.

In today’s world, there are hundreds of devices that are in constant need of power especially if you’re always on the move. Here are some tips to help you find a battery pack that will meet your needs and keep power flowing to your gadget.

Below is a checklist that we came up with to guide you:

  • Estimate your mAh (milliampere hours)

Establish how much power you need. Start by collecting all the devices that you will need to charge using the battery pack. Finding the total mAh for all your devices will put you in a better position to determine how much you should invest in a battery pack.

  • Select the right Amperage

You need proper amperage on the battery pack for all your power-hungry gadgets. This will determine the rate at which the devices charge. It will also ensure that you can keep using the device as you charge it without worrying about charge getting drained faster than it’s replaced.

  • Extra ports

If you need to charge multiple devices simultaneously, you should consider getting a battery pack with at least 2 ports. Getting a pack with extra ports does not exactly cost you more so you should always consider it.

  1. Additional features

Make a list of the additional features that you want. The market for battery packs is heavily flooded with different brands that offer a wide range of features; not all them are created equal. Pay attention to the additional features that manufacturers add to entice customers. A clever addition is the LED flashlight.


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