Cardboards Packing Boxes
Cardboards Packing Boxes

The most preferred packing used for various goods and materials are Cardboard boxes. Cardboard is one type of paper material that is heavier than paper. To be termed as cardboard, the stiff paper has to be more than.006 inch thick. It can be called as paperboard or corrugated fiberboard which are manufactured in the form of flat pieces and then folded to form boxes using advanced and integrated box making machines from trusted company like AOPACK. Generally they use Flat sheets for sandwiching a central filling which is made of corrugated short fiber paper.

First the central layer is heated with steam and then it is passed through corrugating rolls to form the elevations and valleys. A liner sheet is pressed on both the sides before the adhesive dries up and this produces a roll of paperboard or cardboard. The rolls of cardboards are cut by converting machines.

Why Cardboard is used for Boxes?

The ideal material used for boxes in packaging, protection and the transport of many types of products is corrugated cardboard. The main reason behind this is that it is a good insulation for the stuff stored inside.

It is used for industrial packaging and also most of the cereal purchase you make at the supermarket comes in a cardboard box. As it is lightweight, people use cardboard boxes while shifting and transferring their goods or moving house, or also for just storing goods, as all sizes are available for storing domestic goods. It can hold a lot of weight and also offers good protection to fragile items. Additionally, it is also very cheap. Startups and industries can buy your own cardboard box making a machine from a trusted company like AOPACK that are easy to operate, low priced as well as hassle-free installation and maintenance.

Cardboard Strength

Not all cardboard boxes are strong and the type of flute or corrugation that is sandwiched between the outer layers should be considered. When the flute is larger, the boxes are stronger. This is more acceptable in paper recycling plants. There are some weaker boxes which are very lightweight and can be used for software packaging or as a point of purchase container.

Cardboard boxes should be preferred to plastic boxes, as they are eco-friendly and can be recycled latter. However, plastic containers are also preferred by many as they can be used several times and maintain their stylish look. The cardboard boxes involves a lot of work, right from crushing a tree for wood fibers and the industry thus uses a lot of energy. Plastic boxes are lighter and more durable and the manufacturer is not energy intensive in comparison.

Shipping containers that need to transport heavy materials have restrictions using cardboard boxes, and need to make a replacement with wooden or steel containers, especially when the products inside need unbreakable sealing or if the transportation is of semi-liquid and liquid material. We all know that steel and plastic are waterproof and provide protection in an adverse climate. Also if compared to cardboard boxes, metal containers are much safer as you can lock them and prevent robbery.

Cardboard Box Types

Cardboards Packing Boxes
Cardboards Packing Boxes

In corrugated boxes, the bottom lining and the outer and inner portion forming the corrugated board are glued on the outer portion of the peaks and valleys portion of each flute, with the help of starch adhesives. This can be used for packaging of heavier items, such as refrigerators and treadmills. On the other hand, flat cardboard or solid cardboard is thin and has a smooth coating on one side. It can be used for packaging lighter items, such as cosmetics, computer software, video games and so on. It is processed with paper and is a slim form. This is more tolerable in paper recycling plants.

The corrugated cardboard needs to be flattened and unfolded and only then sent for recycling. It occupies a lot of space when stored and by flattening it, the volume becomes less. The flat cardboard that is wax coated is non-recyclable but it can be used as milk cartons as the wax prevents leakage.

A box making a machine from AOPACK is a powerful investment for small businesses and large box plants alike, as box machines are highly efficient, cost-effective, and put you in control of the packaging.

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