MPO Cable

MPO cable is the recent invention that is replacing previously used fiber optic cables. The development of this cable was necessary because fiber optic cables not only occupied much space but also couldn’t support the high demand for current work networking. 

On the other hand, MPO/MTP provides multi-fiber connectivity hence the name multi-fiber push-on. These cables are designed to support complex applications and higher bandwidth. So, ensure you upgrade your network along other companies to experience a wide range of advantages that come with using MPO cable. Get a high-end quality MPO trunk cable among others from vendors like Below are must check features when buying MPO cables.

  • Connector type

What would you choose between MPO type a vs. type b? Well, MPO types are typically three, but the most common is the MPO 12 straight. This cable contains 12 fibers, each with a different color. If your area of application requires a higher density connector, you can buy an MPO cable carrying several rows of 12 fibers.

Type “b” MPO is where the position of fiber color one is taken by fiber color 12. The third type is called twisted pair. Type “a” MPO cable is where the fiber on position one arrives on the other end on the same number.

MPO Cable

On the other hand, type “b” is where the fiber on position one comes on the other end in position 12. Type “c” cable is where the fiber on position 1 arrives when in position 2 and 2, 1.

All the types of the connector get the job done but, ask your vendor the specifications of each connector and the infrastructure it can work in best.

  • Male and female connectors

(There is no better way to say this) But, MPO connectors can either be male (with pin) or female (with hole). The male and female have to be connected to avoid damages a situation that is highly likely when using single fiber connectors. Connecting MTP female with the male ensures continuity along with aligning the fibers from both excellently.

MPO Cable
  • Color coding

Another feature to identify is color-coding. A color is assigned to an MPO cable depending on the specifications and its type. Single-mode multi-fiber cable has a yellow color while the multimode multi-fiber has a jacket color of aqua (OM3), purple (OM4) with a flat ferrule. Similarly, ask the manufacturer about the specifications and applications of each of these colored cables.

  • Connector key

The key ensures that the connector can only be inserted into the transceiver port or MPO adapter in one way. When the key connector is in place it allows the sequence of fiber to run from 1 to 12. If the cable carries several rows of 12 strands, the series will continue from position 13 -24 and so forth.

MPO Cable

Point to take home   

Imagine replacing 12 traditional fiber optic cable with one high-density MPO cable. Indeed, you don’t have an excuse for crowding your server room, mainly because it’s challenging during maintenance. The installation, neatness, reduced labor cost and time are some of the reasons you should consider investing in MTP types of cables.

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