As you know, not all applications are made equal. You will find applications that need more than standard things. Therefore, precision bearing is meant for applications that need extreme accuracy, critical tolerances, and other requirements to provide optimal performance. The following are different ways precision roller bearings can benefit your business.

Precision Bearing Benefits

Suitable for High Speed and Rigidity

The truth is that precision bearings are the perfect option for any given application where extreme accuracy is required. Therefore, these types of bearings can perform exactly as required in high-speed applications. As a result, your application can run as intended without the need to settle for less.

Long Service Life

As you know, bearings are not helpful if they wear out fast. Precision bearings are meant to handle demanding requirements, and they last quite long. Therefore, your precision applications do not have to use worn-out bearings, which is good if you rely on bearings for efficiency and accuracy.

Adaptable for Radial and Axial Loads

You should note that precision bearings can help your application to handle both axial and radial loads. Depending on the type you use, these bearings can accommodate various types of loads and support tilting moments.

Variety of Options are Available

As far as precision is concerned, there are different bearing options. It is advisable to consult experts who can help you find the right bearings that can handle your needs. If there is no solution readily available, your supplier can come up with a custom solution that keeps your business running smoothly.

Applications of Precision Bearings

Whenever rotating components need tight tolerance and precision, the bearing is critical to the performance of the machine. Standard bearings cannot handle such demand, which explains why precision bearing is required. These are some of their applications.

– High-speed turbochargers

– Woodworking and metal cutting machinery

– Vacuum pumps

– Live centers

– Balancing machines

– Rolling mills

– Semiconductor components

– Grinders

– Race cars

– And more

Advanced Precision Bearings

There are certain applications that require precision bearing. Therefore, there are special bearings required in extreme environments such as:

Semiconductors for use in high-temperature conditions

Vacuum environments

Medical devices

Touchdown bearings

Handling of Precision Bearings

It is advisable to avoid premature failure and contamination of precision bearings. Therefore, all parts ought to be handled correctly. Before you start fitting the bearing, you need to ensure the environment is clean, and it is free of airborne pollutants. In fact, even wiping a precision bearing with a cloth can introduce foreign objects that may result in failure.

Ensure your bearing does not drop. Dropping it can cause fine fractures, brinelling, and scratches. Another thing most engineers overlook is magnetization that is caused by static build-up. Magnetism can attract foreign particles causing contamination.

Corrosion is the major enemy of corrosion. Perspiration is corrosive, and when it gets into contact with metal, this may result in corrosion that can be undetectable but can lead to wear. You can prevent this by ensuring the bearings are kept in their wrap ready for the fitting. Also, use appropriate gloves when handling parts.

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