A Chandelier in the living room

Chandeliers are some of the most glamorous pieces that you could have installed in your home that make a statement. Choosing and hanging your chandeliers are no easy tasks. If you’re not very experienced in the world of interior design, it’s best if you seek the help of a professional who’ll help you choose the right chandelier for your needs from http://www.zsyiosilighting.com/residential_chandeliers/baccarat-crystal-chandelier.html.

Making A Thoughtful Choice When Choosing A Chandelier

Most people have absolutely no clue when it comes to choosing and hanging chandeliers. These light fixtures capture the eye so it’s very important that you take your time before choosing a chandelier.

The main purpose of a chandelier is to balance the scale and proportion of a room which all comes together to create a “wow” factor. Most chandeliers are made using glass and crystals which are usually luminescent and transparent. When the bulb is turned on, the reflective effect formed is just magical.

Here are four essential tips to help you choose the right chandelier for the right space:

  • Be thoughtful

Chandeliers are ideal for spacious rooms that are meant for congregating and those that can be seen from a distance too. Be thoughtful and chose a chandelier that has a 3D design created via a sculptural creation.

A Chandelier

Don’t forget that the chandelier needs to remain functional and light comes out from all its sides, the top, and the bottom. Whether you choose a subtle chandelier or a large and dramatic one, ensure that it still serves the purpose for which it was bought.

  • The size and scale matters

Chandeliers can be put up in different rooms of the house and beautifully add glamour to it as long as the scale is right.

The size and scale of the chandelier determine if the fixture will steal the show or not. While a larger chandelier is most likely to stand out, a smaller chandelier one will most likely blend in smoothly with the room’s décor.

But generally speaking, there are no rules. The size of the chandelier that you go for depends on the kind of impression you want to leave.

  • It’s all about the effects

A proportional chandelier opens up the room in the way that the lights play with the shadows to create a tremendous effect on the ceilings and floors. Ensure that all your chandeliers are dimmable to create different atmospheres

Other factors that you should consider when thinking about the effect are color, texture, material, and overall aesthetics. When looking for a chandelier, do not limit yourself- do so with an open eye. You might be shocked as to how well put-together different lighting styles and materials may look after installation.  

  • Placement is vital

Chandeliers are best suited for rooms, spaces, and areas whose ceilings are quite high. For example, this is why chandeliers look great on entryways and staircases. This is because the chandeliers add a sense of drama that leaves a lasting impression.

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