CNC turning machine uses the latest technology, therefore, making the manufacturing process efficient. In the market, several companies are offering CNC turning machine services. It would be best if you researched before outsourcing the CNC turning services. It would also be very beneficial if you considered outsourcing your CNC turning service to the best in the market. One of the best CNC turning services in the market is china CNC turning service. This post aims to look into 8 crucial questions to ask before outsourcing CNC turning machine services.

8 crucial questions to ask before outsourcing CNC turning machine services

1. What information does the CNC turning shop need before making a quotation?

A good CNC turning shop will request a 3D model data file or a product drawing. The product drawing and product quantity will help the CNC turning shop in deciding the quotation. Also, the product drawing will assist them in knowing the exact specification of the part you need. In addition, it would be best if you enquired how long it will take before receiving a quote after you have made an inquiry and given out all the required details.

2. What industry does the CNC turning shop serve?

The industry a CNC turning shop serves is an important question. Some parts, such as the medical equipment, need to be manufactured carefully and all the required regulations followed. It would be unwise to outsource turning services to shops that do not serve your industry.

3. What certification does the CNC turning shop have?

Some of the parts required from CNC turning services are very sensitive; for example, engine parts in the automotive industry. A slight mistake can have unimaginable consequences on the person controlling the automotive. Therefore, it would be best to ensure that the company has all the certifications needed before you outsource CNC turning services.

4. What level of expertise do the operators have?

It would help if you enquired on the level of expertise of the operators. The more experienced and skilled the technicians are, the better the quality of services will be. Inexperienced operators can make mistakes on your parts, which can be catastrophic in the end.

5. Does the CNC turning shop do designs?

Designing is usually left at the hands of the customers. It would be best to design the product drawing yourself in order to include all the necessary specifications.

6. Which materials does the CNC turning shop use?

The materials the CNC turning shop uses have to correlate with what you require of your products. Some CNC turning shops can work with various materials such as bronze, zinc, steel, aluminum, copper, and plastics.

7. What is the quality of finished parts?

Quality is essential, especially if you need parts for sensitive industries such as the medical industry. Before you outsource the CNC services, make sure to check on the quality system and the inspection program during production.

8. How fast will it take to get the parts?

Before you outsource CNC turning services, it would be best to inquire how long it would take to get your part. Make sure to get the delivery time from the CNC turning shop before the CNC turning processes begin.


Asking yourself the above questions will help you make the right decision before you outsource CNC turning services. Remember, it is your keen to details eye that will ensure you get quality products.