Rapid Machining

Unquestionably, online instant quote for manufacturing has made it relatively easy for individuals to place custom-made order products. Besides, the service allows you to choose the material quality you would prefer for your product. Also, the system can provide you with a rapid machining quote immediately after following the necessary procedure provided. In this article, various steps of the process you need to follow for a quotation and manufacturing of the product is discussed.  

  • Upload the files

The first step for you to get a quotation on an e-machine shop, you need to upload a file of the product you want to be made. The file can be uploaded in various formats such as DXF drawing or STP model. However, a DXF file can only give cutting jobs price, while STP format can give both quotations for both bending and cutting cost.

  • Choosing the parameter of the material required

Secondly, you need to select the thickness of the material to be used. For instance, you can choose a low volume sheet metal forming, and its thickness will be read from the file. When making the selection, the material type and the quantity can be selected from the menu. Additionally, special operations needed, such as surface treatment, can be enclosed in a PDF drawing.

  • Choosing your delivery address
Rapid Machining

Consequently, you will be required to select the delivery address for the final product. The shipping cost needs to be included in the last rapid quote, hence the delivery address request. After choosing the address, the system will automatically determine the shipping fee required.

  • Accepting the quote

In the next step, you will be required to proceed to the payment section. The machining quote calculator will indicate the amount you are required to pay on the screen. Also, you will be allowed to use various payment options to choose the one that is more convenient for you.

  • Production

After the payment as per the machine shop quote template is made, the manufacturing work begins. The quality of the product in accordance with the client’s choice should be observed at this stage to ensure that the final product is produced as per the customer’s choice. Quality production helps the manufacturer to maintain competence in the market.

  • Delivery

After the manufacturing process is over the final product, custom CNC parts, for instance, is then packaged and sent to the client. During this step, the product is always handled with a lot of care to avoid any damage. Also, the product should be delivered within the expected period.

Rapid Machining

In conclusion, Generally, technology advancement in manufacturing services has played a vital role in improving production. For instance, you can get an instant rapid machining quote after following a few simple steps. Uploading the file of the designed product, selecting the parameter material, selecting the delivery address, and accepting the quotation given is all you are required to do for your customized production. Consequently, the manufacturing firm will proceed to manufacture the item as needed, and then delivering it to you according to delivery address.

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Lucas Lawless is an engineering customer and has been involved in industrial manufacturing for 8 years. He is a graduate of Columbia University with a deep knowledge base and innovative research. He is well versed in CNC rapid prototyping tools and engineering equipment.