When making a debut in the refining of metals, you will quickly realise that not every gold smelting machine is created equal. Depending on your wants and needs, there exist numerous smelting kits that vary in specifications, pricing, weight and design. As expected, it is only natural to gravitate towards a larger gold smelting furnace when you are dealing with higher quantities of gold. Below are reasons why you should consider investing in the tilting gold smelting kit.  

  • The Gold Smelting Kit Supports Batch Smelting

Gold smelting at home has been made easier with tabletop gadgets. However, even with the simplicity of the designs, only smaller quantities of raw materials can be fed into the kits at a time. Unfortunately, the smaller batches lead to low production that is unsuitable for sustaining a business enterprise. The tilting gold smelting kit accommodates up to 12 kg of raw material at a time, increasing the quantities of every batch.

  • The Gold Smelting Kit Enhances Environmental Safety

A significant disadvantage associated with melting gold is the release of toxic gasses that poses a health risk to the employee. The 1GBT new technological design has been integrated into the smelting machine that caters to this need. The design allows high temperatures to be achieved without the combustion of fuels. As a result, the toxic gas by-product release is limited enhancing the safety of employees while protecting the environment.

  • The Gold Smelting Kit Is Available In Various Models

The gold melting machine comes in 3 types. The specification comes down to the different quantities of gold, silver, and platinum it can handle at a time. Depending on what you desire, the operational efficiency varies in the models giving you a choice of 2, 3 or 5 minutes. As expected, the temperatures option also differs with an opportunity of 1800°C or 2800°C. With such diverse specifications, you have a broader selection of choosing what fits your requirements.

gold smelting kit
  • The Gold Smelting Kit Provides Ease Of Maintenance

A bonus feature with these machines is the cooling water feature incorporated in the design. With the water pumping option, overheating is quickly controlled saving time and allowing you to avoid potential hazards. What’s more, you save time on cleaning out as the dismantling of the machine is not a necessity. With a crucible that can be quickly taken out, cleaned and replaced, smelting gold operational time increases significantly.

  • The Gold Smelting Kit Limits Unwarranted Spill Factor

A major concern associated with recovery of the precious metals in both industrial and homemade gold melting furnace is spilling of molten metal. While transferring to a different container, spills can occur that cause burns to employees while at the same time leads to loss of precious material. As a solution, a tilting aspect is incorporated in the design that supports a safer and easier transference of molten metal to the desired container.  


Overall, the gold smelting furnace offers you the opportunity of running a 24-hour operation because of the reinforced coils. What’s more, with the various gold melting kit varieties, you can boost the performance of your business with a simple selection of the ideal machinery. With no downtime, low maintenance, and ease of use, investing in a tilting gold smelting furnace is a wise business choice.

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Lucas Lawless is an engineering customer and has been involved in industrial manufacturing for 8 years. He is a graduate of Columbia University with a deep knowledge base and innovative research. He is well versed in CNC rapid prototyping tools and engineering equipment.