One of the greatest inventions in human history has to be motorcycles and vehicles. While horses had their place and were useful in society, we can’t help but wonder how cross-country trips would have been. There are several components that make these vehicles and motorcycles function the way they do. In this article, we talk a little more about the electric motor for motorcycle.

What is an electric motor

A good place to get started is to understand what an electric motor is in the first place. In the simplest of terms, an electric motor is an electrical device or machine. Its function is to help convert electrical energy into a more useful mechanical energy.

It takes the electrical energy that is produced by the motorcycle’s battery and converts it to mechanical energy to move the motorcycle.

When was electric motor invented

With a better understanding of what an electric motor does and its importance in a motorcycle or vehicle, let’s take a look at how it was invented.

The first time an electric motor was built and used to power a small car was in 1835. It was built by two men from the Netherlands, Christopher Becker and Sibrandus Stratingh. However, the duo did not patent their invention. Thomas Davenport made a similar device two years later and patented it.

Factors to consider when buying an electric motor for motorcycle

Having known the importance and history of the electric motor, there are several things to consider before buying one.

What is the function of an electric motor

This may seem redundant, but you have to understand the function of the device before looking to buy one. You have to be certain it is the device that needs to be replaced. When in doubt, you can always seek professional advice from the experts. It’s an easy fix, if you know what you’re doing.

Is it Compatible

Although electric motors have a general function, they are often designed uniquely for different engine systems. Think of it this way; an electric motor for a motorcycle is definitely going to be different from that used in a car.

Even within motorcycles, electric motors slightly differ. In this day and age of electric motorcycles, there’s a great difference between what is needed in an electric motorcycle than what is needed in a fuel-powered motorcycle.

What is the seller’s reputation

The last thing you want to invest in is an inferior electric motor. It can make riding the motorcycle a lot frustrating with continuous repairs. One good way to go about it is to buy from a reputable seller. These electric motors are available in both online and offline stores.

For a more varied option on selection, buying online is your best bet. Not only can you get them at a cheaper price, you can choose colors and other options not more readily available in physical stores.


An electric motor for motorcycle is an essential component of a motorcycle. It helps turn the electrical energy produced by the motorcycle’s battery into mechanical energy to move the bike. The article threw more light to what it is and how it functions. In addition, it addresses some important factors you’ll need to consider before buying an electric motor.

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