LED outside Lights
LED outside Lights

LED lights are fast becoming the best solution for various exterior lighting applications. The reasons for this are simple, LED outside lights are more energy efficient. Produce high-quality light and have a longer lifespan.

Due to their growing popularity, homeowners, private businesses and governmental agencies are interested in moving LED lights technology from their interiors to exterior areas.

For instance, the parking lots present a number of obstacles to investors and facility managers. First, the area needs perfect illumination to offer a safe atmosphere FOR tenants and customers. Since the lights run throughout the night, you’ll need an energy efficient lighting system.

Primarily, these two reasons are important when installing your outdoor lights. You’ll need the best combination of high quality, long lifespan and high efficiency LED lighting solution. The following tips will help you make the right purchasing decision.

  1. The Style of Your Home

Whether your home is tall or petite, it has its own look. You’ll want its lighting to match. In doing this, consider its style and color. Does it look more modern or traditional? What’s the color of its siding, stonework, and roofing?

Also, don’t forget the proportions. For instance, houses built between 1950 and 2004 are likely to have 8’ to 0’ interior ceilings. As such, its exterior elevation is shallower than new buildings.

Any lighting that’s shorter will look good on these homes. For new buildings, taller LED lights are the best solution. The townhomes also require a narrower and taller proportion in lighting.

  1. Energy Efficiency

LED Exterior Lights
LED Exterior Lights

Exterior lights run throughout the night. That means an increase in energy costs. Energy consumption tends to be the highest operating cost in any home. Energy costs are in two categories, HVAC and lighting costs.

Exterior lighting has a significant share of total lighting costs. As a homeowner, look for ways to reduce the cost without affecting their performance. That means cutting down energy consumption in terms of useful watts per unit of energy used to generate them.

  1. Lifespan

LED lights have a higher lifespan in the market. In fact, manufacturers are willing to guarantee their LED lights for a longer period of time. Some are willing to go as high as five to ten years.

Remember, you don’t have the time, money and labor to replace your outdoor bulbs after some few months. Take your time and get yourself the best LED outdoor lights.

  1. Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

LED Exterior Lights
LED Exterior Lights

Before you start the LED lights installation process on your exterior, consider the specifications on the fixture itself. Most people prefer to mount their lights on poles. Others use posh tops or mounting fixtures on buildings.

Choose the right fixtures that help illuminate your exterior space.

  1. Determine How Much is too much

At times, more light doesn’t translate to better light. Before choosing the outdoor fixtures, consider the LED bulbs you’re using.

For instance, lower lumen lamps will offer a soft glow that complements your home. It’ll deliver just the right amount of light to guide people to your entrance.

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