Stickers (know more) are one of the cheapest ways of promoting your business. Many entrepreneurs are beginning to open up to these benefits of using custom stickers for the advertising business.

Being cheap is one thing, more than that, they are very effective. There are so many benefits of stickers that you can enjoy at your business. The question is this, how do you use custom stickers to promote your business?

Importance of using stickers for advertising business

When you consider how much you will spend on stickers in relation to their results, you love them the more. There is a lot you can achieve from using these custom stickers.

Asides being cheap, they are versatile. So using stickers for the advertising business gives you the opportunity to do a lot. In the later part of this post, we will see a few ways that you can employ these stickers.

Other benefits of stickers include durability, attractive design, eco-friendliness, to mention a few. With these in mind, let’s take a look at a few ways you can use stickers to promote your business.


How to use stickers for advertising your business

Do you know that when you hand customers stickers, they hardly see it as an advertising stunt? This is why they are considered as promotional items. People regard them as gifts what they don’t see is that your logo speaks volumes on your behalf.

Once a person receives a sticker, he puts it on one of his belongings. In most cases, these stickers travel long distances on those belongings. Everywhere they go, they catch attention and spill the news about what you do.

The potency of this tool lies in this fact, people are in love with stickers. Without knowing they become your marketing agents.

You can also draw loyalty from customers through custom stickers. Wondering how? It is simple when you give them a sticker, they see it as a gift so they love your business more. This special feeling makes them want to patronize you more.

So how can you enjoy the benefits of stickers, let’s take a look at some ways to use them.


Add interesting messages

Let’s face the fact, when using stickers for the advertising business, you need to be creative with your messages. You cannot hand out a sticker showing your business name and logo alone. People would hardly stick that anywhere.

When you give a person a sticker with an interesting message or fun fact, they don’t think twice before use. The message can even be inspirational or quirky, just make sure it is there.

The whole idea revolves around making people walking adverts for your business unconsciously. If you give then stickers carrying your business details alone, this aim is not achieved. You need to be more subtle which is why you need to add these messages.

When these messages are on your stickers, you have more chances of attracting attention which translates to more impressions. This is the aim of using stickers in the first place.

Some businesses have come up with a trick you can also adopt. They leave blank spaces for people to fill whatever message they desire. This gives the individual a sense of belonging since they can decide what message they want.


Ensure that your stickers for advertising business are useful

We already know that people love stickers but when they find your stickers useful, they will love them even more. Your stickers shouldn’t just be a way to make laptops and briefcases look better, they should do more.

Did you just ask, “more like what?” Let’s give you a few ideas. One of these is printing labels that can be used by organizations for notices. When you do this, add your logo and business name in the most subtle manner.

Now the truth is this, those stickers wouldn’t be used everywhere. But imagine how many eyes would see them on notice boards. They have specialized use so you can direct them to a specific market.

People will find it easier to place your stickers on their belongings if they notice a specialized use for them. This is also one of the many benefits of stickers you will enjoy at your business.


Send stickers to your clients

This is one of the most subtle ideas when it comes to using stickers for the advertising business. Make some attractive stickers that carry information about your business. When next you are delivering an order from some of your esteemed clients, add a few to the package.

The fact that they didn’t request these stickers makes them feel good about the gesture. They would be glad to hand out some of these custom stickers to their own loved ones too.

This way, they have become advocates for your business rather than just clients. Don’t make the mistake of including a single sticker. Be creative about the stickers so that they can create the impressions you want.

Even if you provide services, you can take advantage of this method. You can even make the sticker look like an appreciation card. Your clients will be grateful and you would have earned their loyalty along the way.


Use them to spice up your packaging and for advertising your business

It is cheaper and better to work with simple packaging techniques. Instead of spending a fortune on packaging your products, you just need to be a bit more creative.

One way to do this is by using stickers. They are cost-effective and they add some branding to your simple packaging. The perfect middle-ground for the business on a budget.

In fact, you are able to achieve two goals with these stickers. The first is creating a more attractive package and the second is promoting your brand.

All you have to do is create stickers in different shapes to match the packaging you choose. Your clients will be delighted at the sight of these stickers and you can be sure they would request for more.



Do you now see the importance of stickers for advertising business? There are so many benefits of stickers you can enjoy. You can order custom stickers from Zigpac or make them from home, it all depends on you.

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