drive in racking system
drive in racking system

If you are looking to invest in a warehouse of your own, you might have taken into consideration the location, the workforce needed and the budget. However, the running efficiency of a warehouse requires that you consider the type of storage you need, the racking system, flooring and the shelving. As the delivery and storage system is the central focus of a warehouse, much more consideration is required when choosing a drive in racking system that works for you. Things to consider include;

  • Objective

When selecting a drive-in racking system, factor in whether the purpose of your warehouse is to provide the maximum amount of storage or enhancing efficiency. Focusing on the objective will allow you to design the racking system for either better utilisation of space or efficient operation. Overall, you want to focus on space utilisation if you are offering long-term storage to your customers.

  • Output volume

The size of your warehouse dictates the output volume produced per day. However, maximising efficiency is done by considering how many lift trucks you plan on using at the same time. When choosing, planning traffic routes enables you to avoid warehouse collision and enhances safety. Focus on the warehouse layout, paying particular attention to aisles, doors and tunnels when selecting a drive-in racking system.

drive in racking system
drive in racking system
  • Safety

When looking for a drive- in racking system, take into consideration the design and the security of the racking system. Though the construction of most racks is with sturdy materials, some manufacturers offer aesthetical beauty without the strength. Research and do due diligence on your part and only choose manufacturers who provide additional safety on their products.

  • Lifting truck

Paying attention to the lifting truck to be used is imperative in the designing stages. The lifts are essential as they dictate how much load transportation is done per day.  Considering the lifting truck to be used is especially important if you have an existing lifting truck. Ideally, its specific measurements are taken into deliberation when designing.

  • Area

When choosing, note the specific measurements of your warehouse. Pay particular attention to the area accessibility factoring in the width, height and the elevation of the rack that you want to use. As a universal rule for selecting the area to be stacked, add 12 inches on top and at the sides to factor in forklift access.

drive in racking system
drive in racking system
  • Budget

Finally, consider the budget and set a predetermined figure and work within it. As it can affect the storage space and design, always factor in the objective of your warehouse. If your budget is limited, chose a drive-in racking system that offers you optimum efficiency and storage while allowing for future expansion.


Overall selecting a drive in racking system is dependent on your specific needs. What you might need might be vastly different from what another warehouse needs hence the reason why you should consider the kind of storage you are planning to offer. Remember, choosing a correct system is the difference between a successfully managed warehouse and impending chaos.

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