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It is not a surprise that when choosing a LED display screen that the main focus is usually placed on ensuring one gets the very best in video type and resolution. However, something unknown to many is, by just considering video processing is never enough to aid in choosing a suitable stage LED screen. Note, a display screen will get affected by its immediate environs. It’s crucial to select a screen that is sturdy enough to showcase its powerful processing unit and show top-notch quality images. To do this, below are some important technical factors to consider when choosing an LED s display screen.

  • LED Display Screen Installation Method

Before you settle on a specific screen to invest in, it’s essential to consider the placement of a display screen. Ideally, you need to research the most suitable area that will get the most viewership from the target audience. Doing so will help you narrow down the most suitable installation method. You can choose between hanging, floor or stacked means of installing an outdoor led display

  • LED Display Screen AC Operation 

When dealing with outdoor led screens, taking into account the immediate temperature environment will allow you to choose a display screen that can withstand high temperatures without malfunctioning.  A screen that has a high-quality AC in operation will be able to cool down much faster. Considering this feature will allow you to choose screen that can be used in hot areas or direct sunlight.

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  • LED Display Screen Dimensions

To pick the right screen dimension, consider the viewing angle and the maximum and minimum viewing distance of your target audience. Your LED display choice should ensure that even viewers who are far away can view without having to strain their eyes. Considering the placement, use of the screen, and type of video content will allow you to choose suitable dimensions without much focus on the LED display price.

  • LED Display Screen Cabinet Material

If you need to ensure the LED screen display doesn’t topple over, the cabinet material is essential. The installation material that you choose should be made of sturdy and robust material that can withstand wind and rains without getting damaged. Most outdoor display screens in the market either use Aluminum alloy or die cast aluminum for the cabinet material. However, with continued innovation, more blends are being used, and hence, it’s vital to ensure its sturdy enough to use to ensure safety of the public.  

  • LED Display Control Mode

Finally, ensure that you choose a suitable control mode when choosing an LED screen. Often, with advertising screens, the control mode is usually from a fixed source that can be changed only at the source as most videos are looped. However, when choosing a led screen for the stage for live events, you need to consider how well you can change the screen color, contrast, and temperature from wherever you will be.   

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As seen above, the high resolution and video processing quality of LED display screen, depending on technical factors. By ensuring that the specifications are in tandem with your circumstances, you will choose a stage LED screen that is sturdy enough and suitable for your specific use.

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