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Laser marking is a method of leaving marks on an object and includes chemical alteration, charring, foaming, melting, and ablation. The technique does not involve the use of ink and a bit head that needs to be replaced over and over.

However, the buying price of laser marking machine is relatively high, but worth every penny since it gives quality work. You can find laser engraving machines in almost any store and heat sign laser marking machine is among the leading supplier of the best engraving machines.

Laser engraving machine consists of five main parts:

  • The laser/beam

A laser looks like a pencil. The light emitted from it allows the controller to mark a pattern onto the surface.

  • The controller

It controls the intensity of the beam, direction, and speed at which the laser should move on the surface it is marking.

  • Surface

For example, if you want to mark a plastic cover, you feed into the laser, synthetic surface it will mark on.

  • Laser source

It determines the durability of the laser marking machine. It is an essential component, and its quality guarantees the service life of your laser engraver.

  • Power supplier

It provides power for your machine, and it is installed in a control box together with the galvo mirror power supply.

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Tips for buying a laser engraver

  • Support

When you invest in an expensive good, you might want to know if you can get technical support from the supplier. It’s no different when you buy metal engraving machine or laser stamping machine. These are complex machines, and they break down. However, if they break down, you need to be sure your supplier has spare parts of the same. Additionally, the supplier should give an illustration on how to fix the laser engraver and how to use the machine.

  • Laser size

Consider buying a bigger laser because it has a large bed on which you can place the material you want to engrave. It gives you the ability to mark more substantially, and if you need to embed many small pieces, you can place as many pieces on the laser bed as possible. However, let your production level guide you in selecting the size of the laser machine to buy.

  • Laser marking machine power

The more powerful a laser marking machine is, the faster and reliable it is.  For example, a laser marker of 50 watts will move faster, making more engraving as compared to a laser of 30 watts. However, the power of the laser does not determine how deep it can engrave.

  • Marking material

Every laser engraver is meant for specific equipment. Hence, ensure you buy a laser machine for your application.

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  • Main configuration of the machine

Familiarize yourself with the setting of the laser controller card, lenses, and laser source and compare it against the actual laser marker when you go shopping. It will ensure buying the best laser, which is in line with what you require.

  • Production requirement

It is essential to inform your supplier about your needs. Depending on the amount of production you require in a day, and the feature of the products, it will ensure the supplier recommends the best engraving equipment.

  • Application form

Laser marking is vast and includes ablation, chirring, color changing, and chemical alteration. Nonetheless, it’s hard to find a laser that can do all and therefore, before purchasing an engraver, it is crucial to know the kind of engraving you want.

  • Pulse repetition

Research on the pulse repetition rate of the laser marking machine you need. It will ensure you get the best for your application. For example, pulse repetition of a fiber laser engraver can be adjusted, and this optimizes the marking.

  • Beam properties

The quality of a laser beam determines the quality of your product. The best beam is capable of generating sharp contours, deep engraving, high speed, and small line widths. Additionally, the right beam gives deep focus as compared to a reduced quality beam.

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Benefits of laser engraving

  • High marking speed

Laser marking machine is the most convenient in the market because of its high speed. The machines speed ensures high production, and you gain production benefit fast. 

  • Durable marking

Laser marking is permanent even under harsh conditions. The trademark is resistance to destruction from heat or acid. Also, laser engraving ensures you do not damage the material you are engraving because there are several engraving forms meant for different materials. Additionally, as long as the perfect parameter settings are fed in the laser machine, the product remains without blemishes on the surrounding of the engraving.

  • Precise marks and constant quality

An inkjet machine marks substantially until the ink starts to run out and you can note the difference in the marking on the same surface for an inkjet with full tank ink and one without.

However, that is not the case with a laser marking machine. The production quality is constant, and even the smallest font size engraving is clear and deep. The laser machine can make the most sophisticated graphics and shapes, giving the most effective product.

Limitation of laser markers

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  • Price

The price of laser engraver has over years decreased. However, the most and the best of them are quite expensive. In case you need to replace some components, it is quite pricy.

  • Limited to two dimension

Laser engravers are limited to move on x and y dimension. It cannot scan materials that have high hardness. But besides that, it is the best engraving method.

Take away

Generally, the use of laser marking machine is quickly taking over the inkjet machine. It is practical, convenient, and despite its cost, laser marking is of high-quality. It can be used in all fields and industries, including marking of mirrors and jewelry. Above all, research on the type of laser machine you want to invest in for your product before buying it. Ensure its availability and the support from the supplier are in line with your requirement.

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